A Little Catching Up to Do

As you may have noticed there was some time that occurred between my last post in February and my most recent, earlier yesterday. I can attribute this lapse to a number of extremely distracting events that have occurred over the last few months and then follow that with a lengthy explanation OR I can get … Continue reading

Dysphoric Distaste

This week I’ve been out a couple – few times. Each time I wore my binder and even packed. Before getting dressed and after, especially after – I had the hardest time taking it off, seeing my own naked body and knowing, just knowing that only underneath all this breast tissue, all this skin lies … Continue reading

I finally made an Intro Vlog

So folks, I finally made my introduction Vlog on youtube. If you wanna check it out hit this link: Youtube – MysterNikko’s Intro Vlog The vid actually could use  little work. I was nervous and needed get the mic out of the wind, lol. So we will see just how well it goes over in the next couple days, … Continue reading

My Deconstruction of Gender Binaries

I started thinking about this post as I was constructing another page for this blog actually. The page in mind at the time was a glossary of terms pertaining to trans-gender, societal views and phrases and then I came upon the idea to include the many different labels we have for defining a person’s sexuality. I began … Continue reading

Chest Binding – Do’s & Do Not’s

After today’s long awaited arrival of my Underworks Binder, I wore the somewhat snug one most of the day after it arrived early afternoon. My ribs hurts, I had trouble breathing and it dug into my skin. I knew better, I have all the proper information as my finger tips if not stored and filed in my … Continue reading

FedEx Just Delivered My Underworks!

Ok, so I couldn’t be happier than to have my breasts pressed so damn close to my body they hardly show! Of course binding is sometimes painful, always awkward and possibly dangerous if not done correctly, however, for the first time in a long time – since Ace bandages stopped doing the trick – I … Continue reading

Trans Update

SO, recently I went across town, a 45 minute drive to an endocrinologists office who I THOUGHT was going to be my doctor, my savior – the person who was going to prescribe testosterone to me. Well, after that drive, the longer than usual wait in the doctors office for new patients, I finally got … Continue reading