Chest Binding – Do’s & Do Not’s

After today’s long awaited arrival of my Underworks Binder, I wore the somewhat snug one most of the day after it arrived early afternoon. My ribs hurts, I had trouble breathing and it dug into my skin. I knew better, I have all the proper information as my finger tips if not stored and filed in my brain under binding techniques or something crazy like that. Here is where I’m going to be serious for a minute for all of you noob binders, now I know I’ve said it before – your friends have told you – and you know already but you will try to make them as small as possible BUT you will feel the aftermath of binding too tightly or improperly. For the best description of the Do’s & Do Not’s of Chest Binding check this link : Chest Binding: 101. This is an informative post about what to do and what not to do, personal stories via video and a list of Binders Retailers as well. THERE you find the proper techniques and safety AND comfort first measures.

IF you are at a loss and are left to your own devices you may find this site helpful as well,

DIY: Chest Binding.

I suppose the key here is to search, look it up, do what it takes to get the knowledge – it’s out there folks, it just takes a little effort! ALSO, you can always contact me if you don’t know who else to ask… if you are mebarassed to ask friends or whatever the case may be, just ask me if nothing else, I am here for you bro’s!

Take it from Me,

Bound & Sore


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