FedEx Just Delivered My Underworks!

Ok, so I couldn’t be happier than to have my breasts pressed so damn close to my body they hardly show! Of course binding is sometimes painful, always awkward and possibly dangerous if not done correctly, however, for the first time in a long time – since Ace bandages stopped doing the trick – I feel like I have a somewhat flat chest! Breasts Be Gone! Huzzah! Yes it’s slightly uncomfortable, yes it’s binding (no pun intended,) restricting, HOT and itchy BUT I reap the benefits of having EXTREME breast manipulation to the point there seems to be no breast left.

As for my order – initially I thought I’d try two separate types of binders, oops. I say oops because I got one correct but the other is not quite what I thought I was ordering – my mistake. What I did get correct was the Extreme Chest Concealer Compression Tank. Let me tell you what, I will be ordering 3 more just like it in the next few hours! This time I’m going to grab a size larger. I measured myself previous to my purchase – ordered according to my measurements and though it fits – very snugly – I think I will play it safe with a slightly larger binder. The damage that you can do your spine, ribs and the fact that you’re crushing your lungs for the most part should tell you that an absolute flat chest is a surgical procedure – not meant to be done at home. A slightly larger binder will suit me and my rather large tumors …errr breasts… just fine. 😀 Thank you for another happy customer.

Over n Out,



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