Trans Update

SO, recently I went across town, a 45 minute drive to an endocrinologists office who I THOUGHT was going to be my doctor, my savior – the person who was going to prescribe testosterone to me. Well, after that drive, the longer than usual wait in the doctors office for new patients, I finally got to go in the back and wait for the doctor to come in. She came in, shook my hand and I was overjoyed! She then asked, “So what are we doing for you today?” With years of waiting and more excitement than you can imagine I told her. “I was hoping you could make me a real boy!” Just like Pinocchio. She then proceeded to tell me she doesn’t specialize in that, hasn’t been trained to, yada, yada… I immediately called my family practice doctor half filled with rage and the other half crushed with disappointment and let them know I was going to need another referral.

Their embarrassment combined with my doctors heart of gold set up the next move in my progress towards becoming a man – or – “inside out” as I call it. Anyways, it was during this week that she found another doctor who she made absolutely sure was able to treat me. Problem now was that this doctor, although he treated people like me – trans-males, he wasn’t seeing new patients. My doctor, with her heart of gold, found some way to convince this new doctor to take on just one more new patient and treat me! Bless her soul 10 times over!

Now – I wait until sometime next week to find out when I can make an appointment for this new endocrinologist. Until then, I am walking around feeling like I’m finally going to be free man!

Till next time,


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