I have always found that describing my bio is the most difficult form of expression, with that in mind…. hear ya go!

Born Brianne Elizabeth – bio female – and about as confused as they come. I wasn’t confused about who I was – just about who I wanted to be, who I felt like, who I knew was deep inside. In an attempt to find myself as we all do, I became very butch in my appearance over the years. As a child, my mother thought it to be a concern that I refused to wear traditional girl clothes or even wear a shirt when I was hot, after all, the rest of the boys didn’t have to. So we, my mother and I went to the pediatrician only for my mother to learn that I was probably gay as I remember being told that was my doctors conclusion in the early 80’s. Still years later, I remember running from my mother when it came time to dress up formally. Formal meant traditional girl attire and it also meant I had to impress my grandparents who never in a million years would understand being gay, let alone, a trans-male. I’m in my very early 30’s now and haven’t worn a dress or anything with a feminine touch since those early years. In fact, like Chaz Bono, I will be transitioning through Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT) and a Bilateral Mastectomy (removal of both breasts) to complete my transition from a bio-female to trans-male. As of current, I am working on the legal name change aspect and all that goes along with it.

This site will dedicated to my thoughts, my feelings, the transitions I go through, memories, pictures and videos of the entire process – along with my random personal additions and posts. I hope that explains enough about me to fill you  in on the true purpose of this site.

Soon to be,

Nikolas Alexander Quest


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