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A Little Catching Up to Do

As you may have noticed there was some time that occurred between my last post in February and my most recent, earlier yesterday. I can attribute this lapse to a number of extremely distracting events that have occurred over the last few months and then follow that with a lengthy explanation OR I can get … Continue reading

Dysphoric Distaste

This week I’ve been out a couple – few times. Each time I wore my binder and even packed. Before getting dressed and after, especially after – I had the hardest time taking it off, seeing my own naked body and knowing, just knowing that only underneath all this breast tissue, all this skin lies … Continue reading

My Deconstruction of Gender Binaries

I started thinking about this post as I was constructing another page for this blog actually. The page in mind at the time was a glossary of terms pertaining to trans-gender, societal views and phrases and then I came upon the idea to include the many different labels we have for defining a person’s sexuality. I began … Continue reading